All about Anchor: audio sharing for everyone

In a previous blog post, I was tasked to identify three technology trends that I foresaw for the year 2017. While I was researching for that post, I found the audio sharing app Anchor to be the most compelling of my three choices. Thus, when it came time to explore one of the technology trends I identified further and produce a multimedia package about that trend, I knew that I would be sharing my discoveries about Anchor on my blog.

For those who missed my last blog post, Anchor is an audio sharing app that is somewhat similar to Twitter. Users post “waves,” short sound clips, that others can like, “echo,” which is similar to a reblog/retweet, or reply to with another wave. I think this fun, easy to use, and somewhat quirky form of social media has a lot of potential in advertising and public relations for many reasons.

For this project, I first produced a podcast where I provide a brief introduction to Anchor:

I also produced and edited a gallery of images related to Anchor:



And, finally, I produced a video about Anchor. This part of the process sort of felt like I was getting hit by a truck the whole time I was doing it, as evidenced by the following tweet. Bonus points if you know the movie I’m referencing.

However, despite the fact that the process of making this video has aged me about 50 years, I am proud of the final product. An Oscar winner it is not, but I think I have a decent understanding of Premier Pro that I did not have before.


Let me know if you try out Anchor, and feel free to follow me on the platform as well. I am very intrigued to discover the future of this social media outlet.