What I learned in CAP 105

It’s hard to believe that my sophomore year is coming to a close. This year was pretty eventful for me, with one of the most important events being that I added a second major in advertising/public relations and settled on a career path. My newfound love for PR is what brought me to CAP 105, and I learned a great deal from my experiences in this class.

First, I gained a new understanding of software that will help me succeed in professional settings. I was able to brush up on my Indesign and Photoshop skills while gaining experience in Audition and (shudder) Premier Pro along the way. While this could be challenging- I have a love-hate relationship with the Adobe suite- it was incredibly rewarding and will pay off in the future. Having a knowledge of this software immediately makes me a more competitive candidate on the internship market.

I also gained a new appreciation for the news. Prof. Dino recommended that we, as future advertising and public relations professionals, become avid consumers of news. Through the sources that he recommended to us, as well as some searching on my own, I have found some reliable news sources that I now look to daily for a news brief. I even pick up a paper copy of the newspaper when one is available! I now have a more complete understanding of the relationship between the news and my chosen career field, and I now consider myself a more engaged and active citizen because I have increased my consumption of news.


I have also gained more knowledge as to how a real-world PR firm might operate. From doing “sprint” exercises to being encouraged to always speak our minds in class, I now feel more prepared to step into the real world of PR. Looking at real-world examples and learning from a seasoned PR professional has helped me to consider how my work will be viewed in a professional setting, instead of just in the classroom. We have looked at the good, the bad, and the ugly of PR and advertising examples from companies, and I know have a more thorough view of what types of campaigns succeed and what types fail. I can apply this knowledge to my coursework in the classes I will take after this semester.

As my sophomore year draws to a close, I am immensely grateful that I had a good experience in CAP 105. This was my favorite class I took this semester and because of the skills I have learned in this class, I believe I am well on my way to becoming a qualified candidate for jobs in my chosen field, public affairs.